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About Us

What people say about us:

Ooooo what people say allot about us ...

Short Story: 

Yes Portugal we speak  Portuguese, English, German, Norwegian our site is mostly in English but on the top right you can google translate it to Portuguese. Living in Portugal, we have realized there is almost no Portuguese person whom doesn’t understand some English.

Truth be told, we - Abigail and Inger - work night and day to make sure our customers are happy. We at The Yum Biltong Family (Yum) are very family orientated people and we consider our staff our family too.
As business owners we are strong believers of giving back to the community around us. We do everything possible to help people around us, from elderly to children to homeless persons. 

We don´t want a Merc or a Ferrari. Not that they not nice.

We are happy with our vans as that´s what´s practical for us and we know what it took to have our Yum Cars.

The Yum EU Online shop is something we have been wanting for years and its finally here for you all to enjoy.


Okay so the Long Story:

You still here reading? Yum actually all started from a wheal chair. Abigail had undergone yet another leg amputation and upon leaving the hospital and returning home, all she wanted was biltong.
In humoring Abigail, Inger and Jorge (a Yum friend = family) helped and together build a Biltong box using light bulbs and computer fans. After 5 days biltong was made and it tasted really nice. 

Before we knew it, we went from full time hobby to business

More Family moved over from South Africa and Yum became a work place and support structure.

As family members moved on with their lives, we decided to do with Yum what we know best and had always said we would.

We started hiring underprivileged young adults - mostly in their 20s+ - that were alone, with no family nor support, or never were given a chance in life.

One can say that our vision is to help and mother our staff until they have wings to fly on their own, or if they want to they can stay on with us, it´s up to them.
Our educational background and together having more than 23 years of experience working with humanitarian agencies form part of the choices we have made in developing Yum.

This includes the type of staff we hire staff to the opening of the Yum Biltong EU Online Shop, hopefully opening more doors for others in need. 

Our family and staff mean allot to us. We will always continue to help those we can and push the economy forward after these hard times of COVID19.
Like many others, we have also lost family in the most horrific ways possible during the past years, but we have never given up but fought and given Yum our all.

We are a business whom will never rip off but always do the best for our customers.  

Yum Biltong  has the Trade Mark The Yum Biltong Family TM  because we all love yummie foods.

We reward our employees with cake for special celebrations and we all enjoy it together as a family. It´s worth it as it always puts big smiles in their faces

Money is great as it helps us help others. You don´t need to be rich to be happy, you just need to be honest and humble.

Enough soup stories now, lets get on with it. 

God willing we will be here for a long time helping those we can one by one with your help.

Yum Biltong is our everything.

Abigail & Inger

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